Congratulations to my post-graduate speech students on your win

Sunday, November 6, 2011, ALL 3 of the post-graduate students I trained during the 2 day training session, won places in the Jiangxi Provincial Non-English Major English Speaking Contest. I am so proud of them! Here was their standings, Penny – 3rd Place, Ellen – 4th Place, both winning the second prize, and Long – 6th Place, getting a 3rd prize.

All 3 of them had to give up two of their days off for Sports Day to be in intensive training with me along with 7 of my special speech students. We trained, starting at 9AM, with a 2 hour lunch break. I worked them through the afternoon and evening, serving them dinner I made at my house. We finished each day at approximately 7PM, a LONG few days.

Now I continue daily training 3 of the other 7 winning students for the upcoming Jiangxi Provincial FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest, which will be held on November 19th. I always SO PROUD of my students.. ALL OF THEM!!

About conniemomgibson

Connie Mom has become my title as well as my name at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China were I have been a professor since 2000, over 10 years. My love and passion is in teaching and speaking. My students are consistently some of the most talented and amazing young people anywhere! I have been blessed to have trained many successful students who have won CCTV Cup English Speaking contests as well as others, including teaching contests.
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