Today was fun, tomorrow should be interesting.

Today I took two of my girl speech students into town to go shopping for an outfit for one of them. It was so much fun! We found a beautiful white lace dress with a light bluish teal dress jacket with white decorations on it to go over the dress. We also found a wonderful pair of shoes to wear with it. They have very low heals, practically none at all, as she is not accustomed to wearing heals and she walked kind of like an unbalanced penguin in them (she’s SO cute though). These shoes are high quality and will fit the bill well. She said that they were the most comfortable shoes she’d ever worn. I’m happy.

Tomorrow I will be meeting a new friend for the first time. On Thursday, Oct. 13th, there was a full page article about me in the Jiangxi Morning Daily. Apparently, this woman saw read the article and contacted the newspaper asking if they would give her my information so she could contact me. The paper called me and told me that one of their readers was a retired teacher and she wished to meet with me to talk about how I taught critical thinking skills and creative writing, etc. We talked on the phone for awhile and it seemed I should invite her to come and meet with me so we can share ideas on education and particularly the educational system here in China. That meeting will take place tomorrow at my home.

Meeting new friends are always an adventure and a great fun.

About conniemomgibson

Connie Mom has become my title as well as my name at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China were I have been a professor since 2000, over 10 years. My love and passion is in teaching and speaking. My students are consistently some of the most talented and amazing young people anywhere! I have been blessed to have trained many successful students who have won CCTV Cup English Speaking contests as well as others, including teaching contests.
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