Jiangxi – FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest

Another year of the provincial FLTRP Cup come and gone. How VERY proud I am of my students! They all did a great job even though they didn’t enter into the finals. I hate the reasons but have gotten used to them these last few years. In spite of it all, I enjoy going and seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

As usual I was asked to speak and give my comments and talk after the contest final was over, while they were adding up the scores and getting ready to present the prizes. I always enjoy doing that, as usual. However, there seemed to be far more tears than normal when I spoke this year. I gather that was because I told the audience that it was discovered back in January that I had breast cancer. The audiences reaction was immediate. I shared how Cancer was just a word (the topic this year was “A Word That Changed The World”) and that although Cancer has changed the world and that it has changed my life, it is still just a word and I will not live in fear because of it.Words are powerful. God spoke a word and the universe was created. But a word is only as powerful as we let it be and I was not going to give up my work, my calling because of the word cancer. PTL, many hearts were touched.

We had a 6 hour train ride there and back. Somehow I got sick (diarrhea and a little vomiting) after eating at the banquet afterwards with the leaders. But, I’m home and better now, just taking a day to rest. I will post pictures later.

About conniemomgibson

Connie Mom has become my title as well as my name at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China were I have been a professor since 2000, over 10 years. My love and passion is in teaching and speaking. My students are consistently some of the most talented and amazing young people anywhere! I have been blessed to have trained many successful students who have won CCTV Cup English Speaking contests as well as others, including teaching contests.
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