Two Coming Events

Two new events are coming, one this semester and the second in the summer. The first even is one that I will be giving for interested teachers of public speaking and speech. The date has not been confirmed yet but will most likely be the end of April, 2012 sometime.

It will last from Friday evening thru Sunday at noon. It will not be a lecture class but one where the participants will become my “students-for-a-day” and actually experience what I do and how I teach. I find that experience is usually the best teacher and when the teachers become the students they tend to become more involved and it has greater meaning and understanding due to their actually participating in the activities instead of being bystander observers only.

There will be limited lecture and some question and answer time will be available but most of it will be experiential, this way they will have a chance to know what it is like and “be” the student again.

Here are some pictures of my last teacher training class.The teachers had a great time and so did I and my assistants. I believe it was an overall success. I knew that was true when students started coming up to me on campus after that weekend and telling me how their teachers were my students and all the exciting and wonderful things their teachers were showing them in their classes and they were thrilled… my heart soars!


The second event will be four weeks long in July. It’s called “Princeton-in-China”. I have an amazingly talented young woman coming from Princeton, named Caroline Kitchener, whom I had the pleasure of meeting when I was at George Mason University in/near Washington D.C. for the prize I created to award the top winners of the 2009 CCTV Cup English Speech Competition in Beijing. Caroline was one of the trainers for GMIF (George Mason Institute of Forensics), which is one of America’s best summer camp programs for high school students throughout the United States. She will be the special program teacher, sponsored by Princeton University. Between 30 and 40 of my specially chosen speech and public speaking students will attend along with a few others who will have this wonderful and exceptional opportunity for our Chinese students. Here is Caroline’s picture:

It will be a tremendous experience and opportunity for all those who get to attend. Thank you Jiangxi Normal University – Foreign Language College for helping me to make this possible! Thank you Princeton University and especially Caroline!!!

About conniemomgibson

Connie Mom has become my title as well as my name at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China were I have been a professor since 2000, over 10 years. My love and passion is in teaching and speaking. My students are consistently some of the most talented and amazing young people anywhere! I have been blessed to have trained many successful students who have won CCTV Cup English Speaking contests as well as others, including teaching contests.
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