6/26/2012 – Cancer Update

Important Update (Read to the bottom for newest info): God causes the rain to fall on both the saved and the unsaved. Rain causes growth and cleansing, but it can also bring disaster and hardship. The good with the bad but still God is in control of both!

The good news: my visa was miraculously renewed for another year in spite of my age and cancer issues. I return to Nanchang on 8/22 to serve another year in China. PTL! Now that the way is clear I’m praying for my support to follow.

June 19th I met with my oncologist. The PET/CT scan taken 4 days before showed that the cancer has metastasized to my bones. My diet will drastically change again, even stricter than before-totally gluten-free. I’m setting up an appointment with my holistic practitioner about my new protocol, and there WILL BE a new one. I’ll have less quality of life meals so that I might have better and more quality of life days in the future. *Faith, I’m donating all of my newly purchased whole wheat flour to you when we get home. :~)

I feel good and my doctor says I look healthy and have NO RESTRICTIONS on travel even though my dietary needs are.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers for me in all these matters. I’ll give you updates as they come. How blessed I am to know the Father, to know that He has my life in His hands. And, I’m thankful for my wonderful and special friends – YOU! God is Good – ALL the time!!!

***New addition to my last update. Some people have asked regarding specifics of the PET/CT scan. VERY brief summary – 1. Mildly increasing size and activity within left axillary nodal metastatic disease (the area of the affected lymph-nodes where they had previously decreased). 2. New metastatic lesion in T7 (spine) and distal right femoral shaft with additional small foci suggested elsewhere.

I have a 1 1/2 hr appointment to talk to the holistic practitioner this Monday to see what new protocol he will give me. I DO know I have to be even stricter than I have been regarding my diet.

Again, thank you for your prayers, I covet them. Romans 8:28 is still true – “ALL things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

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Two Coming Events

Two new events are coming, one this semester and the second in the summer. The first even is one that I will be giving for interested teachers of public speaking and speech. The date has not been confirmed yet but will most likely be the end of April, 2012 sometime.

It will last from Friday evening thru Sunday at noon. It will not be a lecture class but one where the participants will become my “students-for-a-day” and actually experience what I do and how I teach. I find that experience is usually the best teacher and when the teachers become the students they tend to become more involved and it has greater meaning and understanding due to their actually participating in the activities instead of being bystander observers only.

There will be limited lecture and some question and answer time will be available but most of it will be experiential, this way they will have a chance to know what it is like and “be” the student again.

Here are some pictures of my last teacher training class.The teachers had a great time and so did I and my assistants. I believe it was an overall success. I knew that was true when students started coming up to me on campus after that weekend and telling me how their teachers were my students and all the exciting and wonderful things their teachers were showing them in their classes and they were thrilled… my heart soars!


The second event will be four weeks long in July. It’s called “Princeton-in-China”. I have an amazingly talented young woman coming from Princeton, named Caroline Kitchener, whom I had the pleasure of meeting when I was at George Mason University in/near Washington D.C. for the prize I created to award the top winners of the 2009 CCTV Cup English Speech Competition in Beijing. Caroline was one of the trainers for GMIF (George Mason Institute of Forensics), which is one of America’s best summer camp programs for high school students throughout the United States. She will be the special program teacher, sponsored by Princeton University. Between 30 and 40 of my specially chosen speech and public speaking students will attend along with a few others who will have this wonderful and exceptional opportunity for our Chinese students. Here is Caroline’s picture:

It will be a tremendous experience and opportunity for all those who get to attend. Thank you Jiangxi Normal University – Foreign Language College for helping me to make this possible! Thank you Princeton University and especially Caroline!!!

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Jiangxi – FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest

Another year of the provincial FLTRP Cup come and gone. How VERY proud I am of my students! They all did a great job even though they didn’t enter into the finals. I hate the reasons but have gotten used to them these last few years. In spite of it all, I enjoy going and seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

As usual I was asked to speak and give my comments and talk after the contest final was over, while they were adding up the scores and getting ready to present the prizes. I always enjoy doing that, as usual. However, there seemed to be far more tears than normal when I spoke this year. I gather that was because I told the audience that it was discovered back in January that I had breast cancer. The audiences reaction was immediate. I shared how Cancer was just a word (the topic this year was “A Word That Changed The World”) and that although Cancer has changed the world and that it has changed my life, it is still just a word and I will not live in fear because of it.Words are powerful. God spoke a word and the universe was created. But a word is only as powerful as we let it be and I was not going to give up my work, my calling because of the word cancer. PTL, many hearts were touched.

We had a 6 hour train ride there and back. Somehow I got sick (diarrhea and a little vomiting) after eating at the banquet afterwards with the leaders. But, I’m home and better now, just taking a day to rest. I will post pictures later.

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Today was fun, tomorrow should be interesting.

Today I took two of my girl speech students into town to go shopping for an outfit for one of them. It was so much fun! We found a beautiful white lace dress with a light bluish teal dress jacket with white decorations on it to go over the dress. We also found a wonderful pair of shoes to wear with it. They have very low heals, practically none at all, as she is not accustomed to wearing heals and she walked kind of like an unbalanced penguin in them (she’s SO cute though). These shoes are high quality and will fit the bill well. She said that they were the most comfortable shoes she’d ever worn. I’m happy.

Tomorrow I will be meeting a new friend for the first time. On Thursday, Oct. 13th, there was a full page article about me in the Jiangxi Morning Daily. Apparently, this woman saw read the article and contacted the newspaper asking if they would give her my information so she could contact me. The paper called me and told me that one of their readers was a retired teacher and she wished to meet with me to talk about how I taught critical thinking skills and creative writing, etc. We talked on the phone for awhile and it seemed I should invite her to come and meet with me so we can share ideas on education and particularly the educational system here in China. That meeting will take place tomorrow at my home.

Meeting new friends are always an adventure and a great fun.

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Congratulations to my post-graduate speech students on your win

Sunday, November 6, 2011, ALL 3 of the post-graduate students I trained during the 2 day training session, won places in the Jiangxi Provincial Non-English Major English Speaking Contest. I am so proud of them! Here was their standings, Penny – 3rd Place, Ellen – 4th Place, both winning the second prize, and Long – 6th Place, getting a 3rd prize.

All 3 of them had to give up two of their days off for Sports Day to be in intensive training with me along with 7 of my special speech students. We trained, starting at 9AM, with a 2 hour lunch break. I worked them through the afternoon and evening, serving them dinner I made at my house. We finished each day at approximately 7PM, a LONG few days.

Now I continue daily training 3 of the other 7 winning students for the upcoming Jiangxi Provincial FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest, which will be held on November 19th. I always SO PROUD of my students.. ALL OF THEM!!

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All Day Training for Teachers

This gallery contains 12 photos.

These teachers and my assistants met all day from 8AM until 6PM for training and learning how I teach my classes. The teachers became my students for the day. I did give them 1.5 hrs off for lunch though. They … Continue reading

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More Really Good Reasons Not To Eat Dogs

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